• Kentucky Azul

    Kentucky Azul

    A smooth, flavorful Reposado perfect for sipping or mixing.
  • Agave Americano Legitimo

    Agave Americano Legitimo

    100% Blue Agave distilled and bottled at 80 proof
  • Kentucky Black Dog

    Kentucky Black Dog

    The original "dark fired" spirit.  Unaged and all campfire smokiness.  
  • Kentucky Mint Julep

    Kentucky Mint Julep

    Spearmint and sugar combine in our unaged flagship bourbon mashbill for a classic refreshing…
  • True Kentucky Shine

    True Kentucky Shine

    Corn and cane sugar combine in equal parts for a smooth, neutral sweetness that is perfect neat or…
  • Kentucky Pink Lemonade

    Kentucky Pink Lemonade

    An absolute legend and must-have spirit for any home bar!
  • Kentucky Apple Pie

    Kentucky Apple Pie

    Savory and sweet combine in our True Kentucky Shine for an all-American flavor
  • St Elmo’s Fire

    St Elmo’s Fire

    Sweet & Spicy.  Sure to sooth a sore throat or add pizzazz to your cocktail recipe
  • Kentucky Blackberry Shine

    Kentucky Blackberry Shine

    SOLD OUT - Semi-sweet, tart, & wine-like.  Enjoy simply chilled or mixed in cocktails & sangria
  • Kentucky Blueberry Shine

    Kentucky Blueberry Shine

    A little sweet, a little tart.  Perfect for mixing in cocktails, sangria, or enjoying chilled!
  • Kentucky Dark Cherry Shine

    Kentucky Dark Cherry Shine

    A great mixer with cola or ginger ale, with natural dark cherry juice and a little extra sugar for…
  • Kentucky Strawberry Shine

    Kentucky Strawberry Shine

    Sweet as strawberry jam!  Enjoy on its own, or with champagne for a fruity spritzer